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Nikon has announced the D5200 – an upper entry-level DSLR that improves on the D5100 by offering a 24MP CMOS sensor, 1080i60 movie capability, a side-articulated 921K dot 3.0″ tilt/swivel LCD and new processing filters. Interestingly, the D5200 is equipped with a significantly upgraded AF system, based around the same Multi-Cam 4800DX AF sensor that is used in the D7000, and the same 2016-pixel RGB metering sensor. The D5200 is also compatible with Nikon’s optional WU-1a WiFi module. Pricing and availability has yet to be confirmed, and Nikon has yet to officially announce the D5200 in the US. 

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News: Digital Photography Review (dpreview.com)

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Canon EF 24-70mm f/4L IS USM preview

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We’ve had our hands on Canon’s latest zoom, the EF 24-70mm f/4L IS USM, for a couple of hours and prepared a quick preview. It’s clearly designed primarily as a ‘kit’ lens for the EOS 6D, but of course will work just as well on Canon’s other full frame bodies such as the EOS 5D Mark III, as well as APS-C cameras on which it will offer a 38-112mm-equivalent range. In our preview you can read more about the lens and its features, including its unusual macro function, and see how it compares in size to Canon’s other L series standard zooms. 


News: Digital Photography Review (dpreview.com)

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Updated: We’ve just added a noise and noise-reduction page to our hands-on preview of the Nikon D600. We’ve got a production sample D600 in the office, and over the coming weeks we’ll be adding test pages to the preview as we move towards the publication of a full review. Our final analysis of the D600′s image quality will come later, but for now, click through to see for yourself how Nikon’s newest DSLR measures up to its competitors in terms of noise in both JPEG and Raw mode. 


News: Digital Photography Review (dpreview.com)

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Alongside its ACR and Lightroom updates, Adobe has extended the specifications of the DNG format, including the creation of a more compact, Lossy DNG option. The format has also been extended to respect in-camera cropping and allow for the inclusion of full HDR data and the non-image areas around merged panoramas. We spoke to Lightroom Product Manager, Tom Hogarty, about the changes made in v1.4 and the reasons behind them.

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News: Digital Photography Review (dpreview.com)

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Adobe announces Photoshop CS6 and CS6 Extended

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Adobe has announced Photoshop CS6 and CS6 Extended as part of its latest suite of creative packages. The latest version includes all the features seen in the recent public beta, including a content-aware move, video editing, the blur gallery and Adobe Camera Raw 7, which features a revised series of controls. More than ever Adobe is pushing its subscription option and Internet-based Creative Cloud service. Prices range from $999/£794 ex VAT to buy Photoshop CS6 Extended down to $19.99/£14.29 ex VAT per month for an annual subscription of the basic version.

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News: Digital Photography Review (dpreview.com)

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New Nikon 800 and 800E FX DSLR camera

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The New Nikon D800 Offers Unrivaled Resolution and Features Designed for a Variety of Demanding Professional Photographic and Multimedia Disciplines, Videographers and Filmmakers

MELVILLE, N.Y. (Feb 6, 2012) – Today, imaging leader Nikon Inc. announced the highly anticipated D800 HD-SLR, engineered to provide extreme resolution, astounding image quality and valuable video features optimized for professional still and multimedia photographers and videographers. A camera with an unmatched balance of accuracy, functionality and image quality, the Nikon D800 realizes innovations such as a high resolution 36.3-megapixel FX-format CMOS sensor, a 91,000-pixel RGB Matrix Metering System, Advanced Scene Recognition System and many other intuitive features designed to create the preeminent device for the most demanding photo and video applications.

Whether shooting high fashion, weddings or multimedia content, Nikon’s highest resolution sensor to date, a groundbreaking new 36.3-megapixel (7360 x 4912 resolution) FX-format CMOS sensor, affords flexibility and astonishing image quality to satisfy a myriad of client requests. The Nikon D800 incorporates the latest 91,000-pixel 3D Color Matrix Metering III and the Advanced Scene Recognition System, coupled with an improved 51-point AF system for images with amazing sharpness, color and clarity. With its compact, lightweight D-SLR form factor and extensive video feature set, the D800 allows photographers to transition to multimedia to create an immersive story. Professional videographers will appreciate practical features that go beyond NIKKOR lens compatibility and Full HD 1080p video, such as full manual control, uncompressed HDMI output, and incredible low-light video capability. With this innovative combination of features, the D800 celebrates resourcefulness and a dedication to the flawless execution of an epic creative vision. All of this is driven by Nikon’s latest EXPEED 3™ image processing engine, providing the necessary processing power to fuel amazing images with faithful color, a wide dynamic range and extreme resolution.

Read full news on: Nikon Press Center…

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Clipcanvas released video embed codes

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Clipcanvas Stock Footage - HD Video Clip Downloads

Bascially, they allow you to make a number of selections to suit your need, including:

both light and dark themes
you can enable/disable autoplay
add a number of social sharing options
display related clips or show more clips by the same producer
or you could show only one clip (small or medium)
toggle footer content
and use the ssl-https if you need this

Also, like the videos on Clipcanvas, these also support iPhones and iPads, so you need not worry that your users will only see a link or display something that is not working. Read more in Clipcanvas blog.


Dark Theme:

View more Nature Countryside Stock Footage on Clipcanvas

Light Theme:

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The Digital Photography Book, Part 4

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enlarge image

The Digital

The Digital Photography Book, Part 4
by Scott Kelby
Publication Date: March 10, 2012

Buy new: $24.99 $14.49

(Visit the Hot New Releases in Photography list for authoritative information on this product’s current rank.) Details

Product Description
Scott Kelby, author of The Digital Photography Book, Volume 1 (the world’s best-selling digital photography book of all time), is back with yet another follow-up with an entirely new book that picks up right where he left off with Volume 3. It’s even more of that “Ah ha, so that’ s how they do it,” straight-to-the-point, skip-the-techno-jargon stuff people can really use today to make their shots even better.

This book truly has a brilliant premise, and here’s how Scott describes it: “If you and I were out on a shoot and you asked me, ‘Hey Scott, I want the light for this portrait to look really soft and flattering. How far back should I put this softbox?’ I wouldn’t give you a lecture about lighting ratios, or flash modifiers. In real life, I’d just turn to you and say, ‘Move it in as close to your subject as you possibly can, without it actually showing up in the shot.’ Well, that’s what this book is all about: you and I out shooting where I answer questions, give you advice, and share the secrets I’ve learned, just like I would with a friend–without all the technical explanations and techie photo speak.”

The Digital Photography Book, Volume 4 follows in the footsteps of the wildly successful previous volumes, giving photographers nearly two hundred more closely guarded photographic “tricks of the trade” to get them shooting dramatically better-looking, sharper, more colorful, more professional-looking photos with their digital camera every time they press the shutter button.

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New NIKKOR Lens is Ideal for Low-Light, Portraiture and Adding Dramatic Background Blur to Both Photo and Video

MELVILLE, N.Y. (January 5, 2012) – Today, Nikon Inc. announced the addition of the new AF-S NIKKOR 85mm f/1.8G FX-format lens to its legendary line of NIKKOR lenses. The new 85mm is a fast, fixed focal-length lens with medium telephoto capabilities and a large maximum aperture of f/1.8 that is capable of performing a wide variety of imaging tasks with amazing sharpness and clarity.

“Whether a professional photographer who needs extreme sharpness or a photo enthusiast looking for an affordable, lightweight lens with amazing clarity, Nikon photographers appreciate and rely on the vast selection and dependability of NIKKOR lenses for their imaging needs,” said Lisa Osorio, general manager of marketing at Nikon Inc. “The new 85mm f/1.8 is fully optimized for capturing amazing photos and videos, while providing the ability to utilize background blur to compliment the subject of their photo.”

Read more on Nikon Press Center

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